Student’s thesis

This page accounts for currently running and successful (Master) thesis work under my supervision.  See the “upcoming section” for available topics, or, if empty, contact me with at least a rough idea on a topic that would benefit from my supervision.


  • Nelson Sekitoleko: Towards Understanding Cross-Organizational Secondary Software Development in Automotive Ecosystems, Master thesis.
  • Mozhan Soltani: Requirements Engineering Challenges and Tools for an AUTOSAR-Tier-2 Supplier in the AUTOSAR Ecosystem: A Case Study, Master thesis.
  • Mikael Fagerström and Emre Emir Ismail: Automatic verdict of non-functional test results in the context of continuous integration at Ericsson AB, Master thesis (co-supervision with Patrizio Pelliccione)
  • Felix Evbota: Challenges of collaborating between Cross Functional Teams (XFTs), Operative Product Owners (OPOs), and Program leaders in large scale Agile software development: a case study, Master thesis
  • Rebekka Wohlrab: State of the Practice of Tracing and Collaboration in Requirements Management Tools: An Exploratory Case Study, Master thesis, (co-supervision with Jan-Phillip Steghöfer)


Currently, there are no topics ready, but some ideas exist around continuous deployment, inter-organizational collaboration, and information flows.



  • Aminah Yussuf: An Exploration of Emergent Contributors Within IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Ecosystem, Master thesis, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Jorge Antonio Diaz-Benito Soriano: Improving communication in large-scale agile environments: a quasi-experimental approach, Master thesis
  • Daví∂ Arnarsson and Ívar Húni Jóhannesson: Improving Unit Testing Practices With the Use of Gamification, Masters thesis
  • Linlin Wang: Implementation and Evaluation of an Automatic Recommender for Integration, Master thesis


  • Anna Averianova and Tobias Deekens: Information and Communication and their Impact on Productivity Determinants of XFTs in a Large-Scale Agile Environment: a Case Study, Master thesis
  • Andreas Andersson and Michael Rybacki: Improving Feedback Cycle During Development of Driver Assistance Systems at Volvo Car Corporation, Master thesis
  • Marcus Johansson and Erik Ivarsson: An Experiment on the Effectiveness of Unit Testing when Introducing Gamification, Master’s Thesis

Supervision at University of Victoria

  • Cory Binnersly: Mining Communication Practices in the Automotive Domain, Honors project, University of Victoria, in collaboration with Daniela Damian and the NECSIS project.
  • Robin van den Akker: Clarification Patterns in Software Product Maintenance, Advanced research project, University of Victoria and University of Delft, in collaboration with Daniela Damian and Remko Helms.

Link: Student’s thesis supervised at Leibniz Universität Hannover


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