Patterns of Continuous Requirements Clarification

I am extremely happy that Springer’s Requirements Engineering Journal has published our systematic analysis of requirements clarification patterns by which we extend our previous work on clarification patterns. Continue reading


How can clarification patterns help developing software?

One of the most intense and enjoyable events last year was the Ready-set-transfer panel (or: show) at Requirements Engineering Conference. I had the pleasure to present my work on the V:issue:lizer and to argue why I think it was ready for transfer into industry. The following video* (1:46 min) was part of my pitch on why the V:issue:lizer is relevant for software development:

So how can the V:issue:lizer help in this situation? Let’s first look on the visualization of the clarification trajectory derived from the discussion in the video (see a transcript in the making of section below). Continue reading

V:Issue:lizer: Exploring Clarification in Online Communication Over Time

In this post, I describe the V:Issue:lizer tool (the transcription of the video follows below). V:issue:lizer supports managers in their decision making process by analyzing

  • analyze stakeholder communication
  • analyze communication problems
  • identify domain and project experts.

Here is a preprint of our ICSE2013 Formal Tool Demonstration.

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