Amazing adventure: Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean

Since a few month now, we are constantly observing the progress of an amazing project: Four adventurers of OAR Northwest are rowing(!) across the Atlantic Ocean from Dakar to Miami. The project aims at educating (young?) people towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It also supports a high number of research projects.

The team allows us to take part in their adventure via social media and the partly dramatic accounts show that this project is not only a “metaphor for important life lessons” (Adam Kreek), but that it is literally an example for reasonable management of very limited resources.

It is also a great example of excellent team spirit, keeping a positive attitude, and stay motivated, despite overwhelming challenges and a seemingly endless task. And there is one particular picture, that shows this more than any words:

Oar Northwest's heartThat is right, the crew spend almost two days on painting a heart with their trajectory, after being caused to leave their course for some reason. Despite the fact that there potentially is a longer and more profane story behind this, this picture has become a symbol for caring about beauty in your actions to me.

Learn more about this exciting project and lessons you can draw from it on And if you wonder, how this relates to Software Engineering, you can find a more specific answer here.