Computerwoche: Die richtige Anforderung ist das halbe Projekt

Computerwoche writes about our book on Requirements Engineering and Project Management (in German).


Requirements Engineering & Project Management

In this blog post I want to discuss one of my favourite side projects during my PhD. In fact, I started to work on this topic in the German Special Interest Group Requirements Engineering and Project Management the same day I started my PhD (November 2005). Recently, Springer accepted our manuscript for publishing and we are proud that this work is finally available as a book. What a great conclusion of a wonderful year 2012!

In this post, I give a short overview, describe my role in the creation, and give a preview on some recommendations from the book. Finally, I share some experiences from the wonderful time we had during assembling this book.

Why did we write this book? Reports about failed projects are quiet common in the technical press. One of the major reasons is insufficient definition of requirements. Growing complexity of projects and dynamic environments  make good requirements engineering and requirements management even more important: they grant competitive advantage by providing systematic decision support and by helping to shorten the time-to-market. Continue reading