Teaching project “HaLT” wins prize

During my time in Hannover, I participated in developing the HaLT application. In fact, this application was developed in a distributed eXtreme Programming class I taught at Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover in collaboration with TU Clausthal. We were proud to work with a non-profit organization to develop an Android App that should help young people to cope with emergencies due to alcohol misuse.

It was a great pleasure, when Sabine Kowalewski (the project owner and our onsite-customer back then) told me today that the HaLT application won a national prize!

Congratulations to Sabine Kowalewski and the team at Suchtberatung-Herzberg, to the student who participated in the project, to the software engineering group in Hannover, and to the software systems engineering group in Clausthal.