REFSQ – Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality

Earlier this month, I attended REFSQ conference in Essen, Germany. For me, this always feels a bit like coming home. Not only was I born no more than 50km away from the conference location that has hosted REFSQ for as long as I can think back, but also REFSQ has been one of the primary venues to present my research and get inspired about new directions to take. I agree with Kurt and Samuel that the unique spirit of this conference can best be summarized with Daniela Damian’s quote on the REFSQ homepage:

I heard it first at REFSQ!

In this post, I summarize what I heard this year at REFSQ (Agile and RE, RE for Self-Adaptive Systems, RE and Games, RE and socio-technical systems), express my excitement about next year‘s edition chaired by Kurt Schneider and Samuel Fricker (it will be awesome, don’t forget to submit posters!) and share some news about what will probably affect me personally most: In 2016 Richard Berntsson Sventsson, Michel Chaudron, and myself will be hosting REFSQ in Gothenburg!

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