• FFI NGEA (Next Generation Electronic Architecture). In this FFI project, we investigate how a new electronic architecture can facilitate cross-organizational collaboration. We are especially interested in uncovering new ways to establish continuous integration and deployment across the automotive value-chain.
  • WASP (Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program). Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest ever individual research program, and provides a platform for academic research and education, fostering interaction with Sweden’s leading technology companies. The program addresses research on autonomous systems acting in collaboration with humans, adapting to their environment through sensors, information and knowledge, and forming intelligent systems-of-systems. Software is the main enabler in autonomous systems, and is an integrated research theme of the program. Within the project Software Engineering for Smart Systems, we investigate the Organic Evolution of Development Organizations.
  • Software Center Projects. The Software Center is a strategic partnership between Swedish universities and partner companies to significantly acceleratethe adoption of novel approaches to software engineering in industry. I amcurrently involved in two of the software center projects:
    • Project 26: API Strategies (APIS). We recognize that APIs drive innovation in a connected world. API design not only impacts technical decisions. This project aims at  support partners to build a holistic API strategy, involving both internal and external actors.
    • Project 27: AGILE RE / RE4Agile. Software Center aims at speeding up software development in relation to software-intense products and services. This project supports this vision by investigating ways to continuously engineer and manage requirements and related knowledge. Either by adopting principles and practices of Agile RE or by improving the interface between customer requirements and agile product development.
  •  International Collaborations.
    • NECSIS: I am an international collaborator in the NECSIS Research Network. In ongoing collaborations with Prof. Daniela Damian at University of Victoria we investigate cross-organizational knowledge flows in the automotive ecosystem.

Past projects

  • Software Center Projects
    • Project 11: Ecosystemability Assessment Method. The Ecosystemability Assessment Method (EAM) project extended ATAM with an ecosystem perspective and was successfully applied by companies to assess and improve their ability to support the vision of a software ecosystem technologically and organizationally. We continue this line of work in the Software Center within the APIS project.
    • Project 1: Implications of Continuous Deployment. This Project investigates the implications of implementing continuous deployment in large software developing organizations.



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