Panel on Empirical Requirements Engineering, EmpiRE@RE’12

Yesterday, I participated in the workshop on empirical requirements engineering. My notes on the talks will follow shortly, but I want to highlight the excellent panel that concluded the workshop. The panelists where Nan Niu, Jörg Dörr and Neil Maiden. Note, that the panelists were required to be provocative in their statements. Also note that I will add more links and references to this article later. Continue reading


Learning my ways with git

During my work, I sometimes get in touch with new technology. This usually involves long time searching for tutorials and best practices. More annoying, I keep on searching my browser history to recover some pieces of information from a tutorial I read a few days before. In this article I gather all the information I regularly need to work with git and github. It might be useful for others, but it is primarily targeted on myself.  Continue reading