Scenic Views from Victoria

Time again to discuss one of the photos I use in this blog. I took this photo on the Scenic Drive in Victoria BC. The Scenic Drive follows the coast from Downtown Victoria round the peninsula. In fact, this is my favourite road between Downtown and University (from C to B in the map below). It takes some time, but the view is breath taking.

There is one other spot in greater Victoria that I regularly visit to take pictures: Mt Douglas (A in map below). This photo shows the view to the north (away from the city). Somewhere beyond the Gulf Islands lies Vancouver. Hidden in the clouds and barely visible are the outskirts of the Rocky Mountains.

Please ask me, if you want to use these pictures and use a link to this blog(-post), where appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Scenic Views from Victoria

  1. I don’t think it is the Rockies … rather the Coast range. Distance wise I think it would be like being in Berlin and saying you see the Alps.

    • Thanks for the clarification. As a visitor (even long time) I have a rather simplistic view on the geographical circumstances: high mountains with snow on the west coast = rockies. I will try to improve! 🙂

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