Some pictures…

Photography is clearly one of my favorit hobbies – that is: I love spending time making pictures. That is not: I am good at it. Because: Really, I am not.

Nevertheless, there are a few pictures I am proud of. Most of them I have used as headline pictures in this blog. With this post I want to start highlighting some of them and to give some background information…

I made these picture during the REFSQ 2012 Conference in Essen, Germany. During the conference, we visited Henrichshuette, in Hattingen, Germany. In fact, that is the City I was born in.

I really like the atmosphere in this park – especially at night. The Ruhr-Area was famous for its steel and coal industry. Henrichshuette was  a blast furnace. Now, it is a museum and industry park.

Other areas have cathedrals or castles. The Ruhr area has equally impressive industry buildings and they do a great job in presenting them. The light show is great and offers many opportunities for great night pictures.

Please ask me, if you want to use these pictures and use a link to this blog(-post), where appropriate.


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